Who Are We?

DragonReel is a blog and podcast about fantasy films. Our film coverage ranges from the epic to the cheese. We all have a long background in fantasy and have a lot to say about it. We’re all lifelong gamers, and a lot of these films have informed or derived from some of our favorite games, making a big overlap with our hobbies.

A pretty red-haired fairy girl holds her hands out for a butterfly to land on

image by Russ Barratt


Chris – Founder and host of the intermittent Rule Zero Podcast, Chris is both a film geek and a game geek. Software engineer by day, game writer and podcaster by night.

Sharon – Veteran gamer and kindergarten teacher, Sharon has a gift for plots, boiling them down into their component elements.

Pete – Gifted by the powers that be with a chiseled chin and a wit to match, Pete seems to know just about everything about games and fantasy.


Who Are We? — 3 Comments

  1. Chris, Sharon, & Pete.
    I miss you folks. Love your discussions on the film’s. At least i have the back catalog. I wish you all well.
    Fondness and worry

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