Episode 11 – Willow

Willow Movie Poster

Willow (1988)

A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen. (IMDB)

Joining us from the Slice of SciFi podcast (and many many more), we have Summer Brooks on to talk about Willow. Funny thing about Willow. I dug around the internet to find a DVD copy to watch so we could do this one. For some reason, there’s a DVD and a Blu-Ray that are both ludicrously expensive.

This episode delves into what went right and what went wrong with Willow. We all had a lot to say on this one. We ran a little long, but this conversation is worth hearing. Summer gave us quite a bit to think about on this one.

Check out Summer’s regular podcast: Slice of SciFi!

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Episode 11 – Willow — 1 Comment

  1. I think only the Special Edition DVD is the one that’s ridiculously overpriced, but afaik that’s also been out of print for a very long time.

    If the regular DVD was that expensive, I would have looked around to see which version I have (if I still have the DVD)… shoot, if I have the special edition I may sell it on eBay 😉

    Yes, I almost know that movie by heart, it’s scary… and now I need to look around and see if I still have it, and what version it is 🙂

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